Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This morning's blizzard found me searching for comfort in my drawer. A cozy sweatshirt seemed a good choice. The ASU lettering read USA at a glance in the mirror...a comical reminder that things can seem a little backwards, and even wrong some days lately, especially at first glance and when they are new. This season looks wrong outside this year...wave after wave of unusual weather, in comparison to what the High Country has known in the last decade. But in this new season, and even new decade, it is not the only adjustment presenting itself. It feels like there is newness and change in all things. In the midst of the challenges those changes present, I reluctantly realize the 'dry-run' of walking out something new and different affords good practice for the days ahead. And even though it feels uncomfortable, I know it to be a protective and preparational gift, and a whispered "Thank-you, Abba" silently forms in my heart.
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