Saturday, February 13, 2010


The vet looked into my eyes after watching a tiny white fluff of a pup crab sideways across the floor and said, "Just give him lots of love. He may be able to have a good life." I could tell there wasn't much hope in her heart. He was only two pounds and three ounces, he shivered even when the room was warm, and he was happy to burrow into my shoulder and stay there. Any mama knows good food and lots of love are the answer to many things when raising a little one, and our heart was to provide that for Jackson as well. Three months later, he is thriving! He is a happy, almost-four-pound energetic bigger bundle of fluff, who not only walks (straight) with confidence, but runs at turbo-speed, delighting us with his antics. A new expression of his love and trust has happened every morning this week as I sat down with my coffee. A smiling Jackson pranced toward me bringing his favorite bone, knowing with total trust he will be scooped up to snuggle in my lap. All is right in his world and ours is that much happier because he is with us. A gift of love from my Valentine has brought new love into our home. The gift of Jackson, a precious reminder from one who so loves me, mirroring the One who so loves us all, and the gift of His Son, that we might know everlasting Love. May we know we are fully loved this Valentine's Day, and may we fully love.

I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine!
Song of Songs 6:3a
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