Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

On this day before Mother's Day, I find my-
self thinking of my own Mom, and the many
things that make her so special to my heart.
I don't always write those things for all to
read, but yesterday my heart was full in
remembering her voice, blended in beautiful
harmonies of "The Old Rugged Cross", and
"In the Garden". Tears and blessings flowed,
and little Mamoo delighted in her children's
God-given gifts. In all the memories from my
childhood of my Mom and her family, it is one
of the most dear. I wondered exactly what it
was that touched me so deeply? Adult children
singing for their Mother? The love and laughter
that exploded, as they sometimes chided each
other? A picture of a loving family? Yes, it was
all those things, but there was more. My heart
knows that music and words touch deeply. They
by-pass intellect and go straight to the heart. And
I realize now, even in writing this, it was their tears
that touched me. Those singing were ones I love
and admire and look up to, as those to emmulate
and draw from. In their tears I saw heart-felt
emotion for the love of family, for the joy of the gift
of song, and for the words and the Story that went
deep. My Mom and her family are those that touch
hearts with their own hearts of love and caring. They
share words and stories that go deep. They are those
who share songs of the One's heart I so see in them.
Those tears and that beautiful picture of Love touch
me still. It is the very thing I want to emmulate.
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