Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Form and shadow...

Form and shadow
in hues of blue and white,
and crystalline snow.
This heart is reminded of Arctic imagery.
No lions or tigers, but bears abound,
Polar and Kodiak and Grizzly memories,
both real and those sculpted in ice and snow.
Fur Rendezvous and Alaskan de'ja' vu
all bound into feelings of emotion,
touching my senses
and bringing remembrance,
as I gaze on form and shadow.
The Last Frontier,
my former home remembered.
You came and found me there,
amidst the new and unfamiliar.
You revealed new things to me
when I was lost.
Now I am found, still humbled
by Your awareness of what touches my heart.
And now, as then, form and shadow,
heart-pictures from Your hand
to my heart.
Thank You, Abba.
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